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Appetizers with Provolone Valpadana P.D.O.

Before every self-respecting lunch or dinner, it is good to calm your appetite and satisfy the long wait before the first one with tasty appetizers.

This clever invention allows everyone to create a moment of conviviality, in which you are not yet too busy eating and you can converse with ease.

How to tickle your appetite without spoiling it?

Often, however, the choice of dishes to be used at this point is difficult: it must be something easy and quick to prepare, which can be eaten quickly or even standing up, and which does not weigh too much that you cannot “face” the entire next meal.

What better choice, then, than appetizers with Provolone Valpadana?

Also ideal for an aperitif to be enjoyed before eating a delicious homemade pizza, you can also amaze your guests with tasting tips and techniques!

The nutritional values of Provolone Valpadana are ideal for every kind of meal, even for the less severe ones.

For this reason you can enjoy any kind of recipe, and use this tasty cheese not only cut into chunks, but also as a sauce on cold cuts or other foods!

Something simple

Before tackling the main course, the second and probably also the dessert, it is good not to get too heavy.

We can then create appetizers with Provolone Valpadana in different ways:

  • First of all we can use the mandarin shape, cutting it into slices and then into small triangles, to be served on an olive tree chopping board together with olives and taralli.
  • We can then think of something more elaborate, creating canapés on which to spread the cream cheese obtained.
  • Finally, for a meal in great style we can combine Provolone Valpadana with fish or meat to create a substantial appetizer, ideal for formal dinners with huge tables.