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Main courses

Why choose Provolone Valpadana P.D.O. for your second courses: the classics and experiments

Second courses with Provolone Valpadana P.D.O.

There is no good meal without perfectly cooked second courses. The second course is the one that completes the first one, allowing to reach the typical satisfaction of a good meal, and to leave a small space only for dessert.

That’s why when you organize a lunch or dinner, whether alone or in company, you have to think about what is the best alternative to choose as a second course.

If the first one is made of fish, it is very difficult to go on with meat and vice versa, unless it is a very innovative culinary experiment, and even the appetizer has to be carefully chosen so that it goes well with the main course.

But second courses are not only meat or fish: even simple vegetables, if enriched with a special ingredient, can be an excellent alternative, and indeed constitute the main course, especially in case of vegetarian guests.

That extra pinch

For us, the special ingredient is Provolone Valpadana P.D.O.: with this tasty cheese, in its mild or strong version, it is possible to give life to the author’s dishes.

There are many second course recipes with Provolone Valpadana, able to satisfy all tastes, from the simplest to the most sought after.

A simple slice as a side dish is ideal for a solo lunch, perhaps between one appointment and another. A delicious cream or topping sauce is the perfect choice for a dinner with important people.

For a more informal evening, you may also choose to prepare, instead of a main entree and second course, a single platter with tastings of different types of homemade pizzas made with Provolone Valpadana P.D.O..

In any case, this cheese will provide that extra touch of flavour and make your main course recipes with Provolone Valpadana something special.

Any concrete ideas

Between these two extremes, there are many other alternative recipes, some for beginners, others for gourmands:

But these are just some examples of how it is possible to experiment with this cheese even in important dishes such as main courses.

Let your imagination take over and experiment with what you have at home: you could create something absolutely new!

And if you wish to enjoy it by itself, read about our tasting tips and techniques!