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Caseificio Albiero S.r.l.

Provolone Valpadana PDO producers Caseificio Albiero


The unique taste of our tradition

The Albiero dairy industry was born in the 40s in Montorso Vicentino, a small town between Vicenza and Verona on the hills of the Prealpi Venete.

It is one of the first Italian industries to produce Provolone Valpadana PDO, a cheese made from semi-hard cow’s milk from the high Po Valley with a delicious and inimitable taste.

A distinguished exponent of the art of spun past cheese making, Albiero stands out for the quality, extreme attention and diversification of formats and packaging to cover all the demands of the international market.

Via Ponte Cocco, 18 – 36050 MONTORSO VICENTINO (VI)
Phone 0444 685451 – Fax 0444 484015