The desserts with cheese are an unexpected but impressive finale, great for big occasions.

Desserts with Provolone Valpadana P.D.O. cheese.

The moment of dessert is unique for many, a real moment to enjoy.

Not everyone knows, however, that often serving cheese at dessert time can really prove to be an ace up your sleeve, an undisputed pleasure. If the choice falls on our Provolone Valpadana, the result will certainly be a success.

Cheese desserts are a good and delicious alternative to classic desserts. Original and tasty, they can give a perfect ending to a dinner with friends or family.

For the preparations, the ideal is to use mild Provolone Valpadana. Obviously this does not exclude the use in these terms of the strong one, but we suggest to use the latter rather for first courses, main courses, appetizers and similar dishes.

How to use cheese cream for desserts: here are the recipes of Valpadana

Making sweets with cheese, and in particular with Provolone Valpadana is not only an original idea, but also delicious. The lack of experience in the kitchen is certainly not a limit, since our section offers many ideas, even for those who are less passionate about cooking.

It can become an interesting experiment to find the right combination with the perfect ingredient: will honey or chocolate be better? And in what proportions?

Our recipes, fun to prepare, are also a way to mix flavors never tried before, such as combining fruit with cheese cream to make cakes.

However, there are no limits to experimentation: only by trying you can know if your dessert with Provolone Valpadana can become the highlight of your dinner!