Gennaro Auricchio S.p.A. - Provolone Valpadana Producers

Gennaro Auricchio S.p.A.

Gennaro Auricchio Provolone Valpadana P.D.O. producers

Gennaro Auricchio S.p.A.

“Handmade.Since always.” This is the perfect synthesis of Auricchio’s working style, faithfully committed to preserving traditions and keeping the promise to offer a product of the highest quality obtained with artisan production methods to guarantee unique and traditional flavours, combined with the most modern technology to protect maximum hygiene and food safety.

Auricchio has been able to maintain a family management even though it has now reached a multinational level.

Via Dante, 27 – 26100 CREMONA
Tel. 0372 403311 – Fax 0372 403350