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Informational material

Informational material

In this section you can find more informational material produced in various formats by the Consortium to either read or download.

Informational Material Provolone Valpadana Mild or Strong

Provolone Valpadana P.D.O.: the history, the characteristics, the territory where it is produced, the tastings and its use in the kitchen

A cheese that is told through:

  • the history of its various shapes;
  • the history of the territory and its virtuous union between the dairy culture of Southern Italy’s “spun paste” and the dairy vocation of the Po Valley, available in two characteristic types: mild and strong;
  • the history of expert cheesemakers who process the uniquely pliable paste and exalt its taste through different maturation periods.

A traditional and excellent cheese, to be tasted alone, but which also finds a satisfying expression in the most varied recipes, from home cooking to restaurants, from aperitifs to an end-of-meal nibble!

Discover more interesting and curious facts, recipes and characteristics by downloading the PDF file now!

Ana Belen Gonzales describes her experience with Provolone Valpadana DOP

During our trip to Italy we could see how restaurants work with this cheese in dishes such as ravioli filled with beef and sweet cream of Provolone Valpadana DOP or appetizers similar to pancakes filled with this cheese.

The highlight of the Tacabanda restaurant in Cremona was a breast of guineafowl with sweet provolone cheese and truffle. Exquisite. Can you ask for more?