PDO "paste filate" (spun paste)

Provolone Valpadana PDO comes from the family of pasta filata (spun paste) cheeses, which are characterised by the technique of "spinning" the curd, which has ancient origins.

The first notes of this cheese date back to the Middle Ages and come from Southern Italy, the birthplace of the particular production technique. The difficulties in transporting the milk and high local temperatures meant the dairies would receive a sour raw material that produced an unstable curd.

The curd, if left to stand for a few hours on a table, tended to "filare", or take on a plastic consistency that formed cords or "fili", if subjected to traction.

Hence the name "filatura", a characteristic operation which consists of subjecting the curd, which has been allowed to rest for a few hours on wheeled tables, to traction, in very hot water.

The adoption of this totally Italian technique gave birth in the country to a family of cheese known by the common names of:

  • Provolone
  • Provole
  • Caciocavalli
  • Scamorze
  • Mozzarelle
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