Control Plan

Control Plan for PDO - Protected Designation of Origin DOP cheese

Regulation (EEC) 2081/92 on designations of origin and protected geographical indications, and subsequent amendments thereto, requires that food products that benefit from PDO or PGI are produced in accordance with the Rules and meet the requirements governed and controlled by the control structures authorised by members. CSQA Certification Srl (hereinafter CSQA) is the authorised Control Body for Protected Designation of Origin Provolone Valpadana PDO, pursuant to art. 53 of Law 128/98 as replaced by art. 14 of Law no. 526/99, and has defined this DPC 004- PT document as the guide for the conduct of compliance audit activities.

This Control Plan, prepared under Regulations filed with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and changes to the same proposals and conceded with the transient protective device, contains all the elements that characterise the Provolone Valpadana PDO cheese and, in particular:

- the boundaries of the geographical area for the production of the raw material, processing and production, in which all those in the governed production chain must be located;
- the description of the product with the identification of the raw material, ingredients and final characteristics;
- the description of the traditional method of production;
- the identification and traceability of the product and its components;
- the presentation mode at the time of product consumption, In addition to the items listed above, the DPC 004- PT Control Plan describes the sum of controls to which the product must be submitted so that it can be identified with the distinctive Provolone Valpadana PDO label.

The sum of controls is made up both of the activities directly borne by stakeholders along the governed production chain (self-control activities), and the compliance checks conducted by CSQA in order to ensure the full compliance of processes and products. As required by this Control Plan, the associated records are generated from the self-control activities imposed on those in the governed chain. These records are examined and evaluated in the course of audits. Therefore those in the governed chain must produce and properly store all self-control documentation, making it available for compliance checks conducted by CSQA.

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